100% Free] A Product Designers Guide To Adobe Illustrator

This course is aimed towards anyone, even the complete beginner, with an interest in either physical or digital design. This course will teach you the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator and help you understand how to use it in your projects. All of the greatest products have clean, simple graphic panels that truly help the product come to life, communicate to the user and feel professional. This course is taught through a combination of articles and videos with an assignment at the end to wrap things up.

The skills learned in this course are applicable to both graphic and product design - I want to emphasise this as this course teaches you skills that can be applied to all parts of the design world

3 words to describe this course?

Short - Professional - Practical

The course is down to earth and gets straight to the point. Its professionally edited where it needs to be, using arrows and highlights to convey areas of interest and easy to understand explanations, Fast-tracking you to the 21st century of design.

Using the popular and professional-grade software, Illustrator, you will be able to:

  • Create a digital design for both physical and digital products

  • Learn and understand the fundamentals about Illustrator, graphical design and how it links to product design.

  • Create fun and compelling designs through the use of text, shapes, gradients and more intriguing tools that we cover in the course.

The idea for this course is to enable the designer to combine the convenience and beauty of digital design with real-world products.

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What you'll learn

  • Adobe Illustrator for both graphic design and product design.
  • Practical use for adobe Illustrator in a product design environment.
  • Create graphics for your designs from DXF files.
  • Import the DXF files into Illustrator.
  • Understand how to manipulate and use Text in Illustrator.
  • Understand how to use drawing tools, colours, blend, gradient, and more.


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