[100% Off] C Programming Language STEP by STEP – Part 1

The uniqueness of C is in the ability to operate directly upon the computer memory. However, this strength is often looked upon as something intimidating, for both programmers of other languages and total beginners. 
However, any language was created by people and for people. In the minute you grasp the mind set - which problems are solved by this tool and how, it becomes part of you.
This course tries to build up the understanding step by step. Instead of just jumping into coding, first "filling in" all the background needed for "feeling" the C language.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner (zero-knowledge) C developers who want to learn the language bottom up STEP by STEP
  • Know basic arithmetic
  • Be mentally ready to a step-by-step building of understanding rather than jumping straight to coding
  • Having privileges to install software on your computer is optional
  • Be able to type in English
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