[100% OFF] Fast Video Ranking No Matter Your Niche With XRanker360 SEO

Ranking your videos and web sites is a long process that everyone dreads doing.
In this course, you will uncover the easiest, fastest process for ranking your videos.

Discover how to
  1. Find Your Profitable, High-Converting Keywords In One-Click
  2. Quickly and Easily create a YT Live Stream event in just a few clicks
  3. Load up your video into your Live Stream event once you know for CERTAIN that your keywords are rankable
  4. Syndicate Your Videos To All The Top Social Sharing And Social Bookmarking Sites For Even MORE Competitor-Crushing Rankings!

If you’ve not heard of YouTube live events yet, allow me to introduce you to them YouTube Live events is the new standard that YouTube is moving towards when it comes to LIVE streaming. They’ve even decided to discontinue Google Hangouts and push everyone to use YouTube Live Event’s instead.

However, in short, YouTube Live Events is pretty much live video streaming.

Just like Facebook, has Facebook live. It’s pretty much the same thing.

All the big companies are starting to recognize just how powerful live video streaming is, and we all know YouTube loves to be ahead of the curve.

Why should we as marketers care about this?

The amazing part about this for us as marketers though, is that Google LOVES to rank YouTube Live events. They EAT.THEM.UP!

But the BEST part about YT Live events is that you can CREATE a live event, but NEVER actually run or stream the live event and they STILL RANK in Google! Yup, you read that correctly!

You can create a Live event listing right now and never stream ANYTHING on that live event, but still get indexed and ranked in Google. How amazing is that, right?

You will learn how to do this in your course, plus discover a new tool which makes the process exciting instead of painstakingly difficult.

What you’ll learn

  • How to use Video to rank in Google
  • Basics of Keyword research


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