[100%OFF] Emmet in Visual Studio Code: Accelerate your HTML workflow


Hello! My name is Sergey. In this course I will teach you how to be very productive in writing your html code. For that purpose we will learn Emmet.
If you have never heard of Emmet, it is a special plugin that allows you to type html “on steroids”. The sole purpose of the plugin is to allow you to type html in a fast and efficient way, saving a tone of time.
Emmet comes prepacked with a lot of features. And in this course we will talk about every feature that could benefit your html workflow. We will start from the very basics. I will show you its core features. Then we will explore some useful commands that it offers.
I will also provide assignments for the course so that you could practice and better memorise Emmet’s features.
So if you still write html the old way this course will probably change it.


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