[100%OFF]Free SEO Training Course 2020: Rank your website in Google.


******* Last Update: December 2019 *******
A guided tour from A to Z with practical examples updated and faithfully reported by the experiences with the 100 sites built by the Italian author Federico Magni, Senior SEO Specialist for about 10 years and today founder of the SEOProf platform.
In this guide about Search Engine Optimization for 2020, the author talks about various failures and successes on Google, analyzing not only the concepts of keywords and link building, but also focusing on the latest SEO strategies to position your site on search engines for a specific keyword.
In addition to concrete suggestions and theoretical explanations, you will find experiences, case studies verified in different European markets and the challenges of the author during his daily work in the SEO world, with numbers and concrete data.
This free SEO course is ideal for those who already know the subject, but also for those approaching recently. It is recommended for the beginner who wants to start in the best way and for those who have a more advanced level and want to improve some techniques for their own professional growth.
Here are some of the topics we will analyze in this SEO course:
›What is SEO and how does it work
›Keywords: the basis of each project
›Choose the domain without changing your mind
›Server choice: where to host the site
›Structural elements of the site
›How to write SEO-friendly content
›SEO OnPage: optimize pages for Google
›Link building: backlinks acquisition strategies
›Measure results with KPIs
›Site analysis and optimization
›SEO penalties: identification and solution


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