[FREE] Foundations of Agile Software Testing

The Foundations of Agile Software Testing course presents an introductory overview of agile software testing and compares waterfall, iterative and agile methodologies. This course introduces students to the high level concepts of agile software testing including testing objectives and terminology, testing lifecycle, roles, activities and artifacts, test phases and types, agile acceptance criteria and test cases, agile estimation, sprint test planning and execution, defect management, agile test metrics and testing tools. 


This course is divided into 9 sections and includes review quizzes covering each section. Downloadable hand-outs are available for several lectures to be used as reference material after the course.

What you’ll learn

  • Students will be able to articulate the major concepts in Agile Software Testing
  • Students will learn the objectives of testing, the testing lifecycles for each methodology, what the Agile TCOE is and it’s functions.
  • Students will learn the testing roles, activities and artifacts used in Agile teams
  • Students will learn the diffent testing phases and teseting types
  • Students will learn high level test planning and test execution in agile projects
  • Students will learn about test metrics and reporting in agile projects
  • Students will learn common tools used in testing


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