[FREE] How to use EFT techniques: The Inclusive Starter Kit

This course is for anyone who has never heard of EFT techniques or who has taken other courses called “EFT technique”.
There are 48 different techniques we can apply while tapping and if you took courses that didn’t teach you this, most likely they also didn’t teach you other important things about these wonderful techniques. While any course we take can help us get closer to where we are meant to go, I am a firm believer that learning things correctly is the best starting point.

In this very introductory course, I will teach you all you need to truly know about EFT techniques and I will provide you with a free EFT booklet to get you started. I will also teach you how to easily integrate EFT techniques in your daily routine.

The important thing is learning the correct method so you can truly rip all the benefits from these wonderful techniques.
If you have problems focusing, getting over physical of emotional pain, performing at work, at school, or in sports…this course will help you get started on a healing journey and without any monetary investment.
As a hardcore and well-researched vegan, I will cover how even your eating habits can help or slow down your own healing journey and how you can apply simple techniques to change such habits whenever necessary.
This course is not designed for anyone who already has lots of experience with EFT techniques and in energy healing.
Happy Gentle Healing to all.
What you’ll learn
  • How to use basic EFT techniques in the proper manner.


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