[FREE] Learn Spanish for beginners! With a native teacher

¿Do you speak Spanish? un poquito? nada? Would you like to learn ?
This Spanish course for beginners, it is made, in a simple and didactic way to learn Spanish, without getting bored.
Here, the classes are made with innovative elements such as whiteboard and 2d cartoons, and all narrated with the Latin accent of  Colombian,  who create this course just thinking of you. ¡Enjoy it!
And here some reasons to study Spanish…
Do you know that Spanish is the most commonly  spoken language?
Spanish you can find a better job,or increase your salary.
experience of traveling , will be enhanced by the ability to speak Spanish.
More than 21 million people around the world are currently studing Spanish .
And I can give you more and more reasons to learn Spanish …but I think that these reasons are enough.

What you’ll learn

  • ✔️At the end of this course Spanish for begginers, you will have learned the basic things of Spanish, in terms of grammar, vocabulary, writing and listening. You can improve your knowledge in speech and listening, thanks to this course of Spanish for begginers. You will have started your way of learning this important language, which will open many doors for you both, in your personal and professional life. And you will be prepared to continue your goal to learn Spanish, until you become an expert and speak like a native.
  • ✔️Identify people, places and objects in Spanish
  • ✔️Describe people, places, objects and states in Spanish
  • ✔️Compare people, objects, places, situations and actions in Spanish
  • ✔️Greet and say goodbye in Spanish
  • ✔️Congratulate and thank In Spanish
  • ✔️Request the repetition of what was said in Spanish
  • ✔️Spell and request to be spelled in Spanish
  • ✔️Ask someone to speak slower or louder in Spanish
  • ✔️Recognition and transcription of the main punctuation marks
  • ✔️All the basic but complete grammar A1-A2
  • ✔️And more much more..


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