[FREE] Stress Management

Stress management is the reduction of stress and especially chronic stress often for the purpose of improving everyday functioning. Stress management encompasses techniques intended to equip a person with effective coping mechanisms for dealing with psychological stress. In this course you will learn in detail about the symptoms and causes of stress along with how to manage stress and various approaches of stress management.
What you’ll learn
  • Explain What is Stress
  • Describe the Symptoms of Stress
  • Explain What are Stressors
  • Explain the Types of Stress
  • Describe the Stages of Human Stress Response
  • Explain What is Stress Management
  • Describe the Causes of Stress in Workplace
  • Explain the ABC Strategy for Stress Management
  • Explain the Steps of Stress Management
  • Describe the Stress Management Techniques
  • Explain the Approaches to Stress Management
  • List the Tips for Managing Stress


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