[100% OFF] Become a Professional Receptionist

Receptionists are often the first employee of an organization to have contact with a customer or client.
corporate receptionist serves as the greeter, information provider, and message taker for incoming calls. Knowledge of the company and its staff enables proper direction of inquiries.
To be successful, the corporate receptionist needs training on:
  • Answering telephone calls and take messages or forward calls
  • Scheduling and confirming appointments and maintain calendars
  • Greeting and welcoming customers, clients, and other visitors
  • Entering customer data and send business correspondence
  • Copying, filing, and maintaining paper or electronic documents

At the core of position, the corporate receptionist provides customer service, so he or she needs basic customer service training.
Training must focus on the importance of a positive attitude and how appearance, voice inflection and listening skills impact the success of the position. Receptionists also need training on defusing difficult situations, handling angry callers, and emergencies.
They need good organizational skills to manage their diverse responsibilities.
So, do you think this is a career for you? If yes, let's get started.


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