[100%OFF] Cyber Security Incident Response

NEW 2019 Hacking Tools Lecture added! Prevent hacking-related incidents by finding vulnerabilities in your systems before malicious users and cyber criminals with Hacking Tools! NEW updated assignment added!!  This course will teach you how to effectively respond to Cyber Security incidents as recommended by the United States Department of Defense, FBI Infragard and experienced Information Security professionals.The curriculum includes, but is not limited to, learning the fundamentals of incident response, establishing requirements, setting up operations, communicating effectively, making operations in place work effectively, legal and law enforcement involvement, training and awareness, etc.

Learn what roles are needed to manage an incident response team. Given the frequency and complexity of today’s cyber attacks, incident response is a critical function for organizations. Incident response is the last line of defense. Detecting and efficiently responding to incidents requires strong management processes, and managing an incident response team requires special skills and knowledge


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