[100%OFF] Google Script – Gmail Inbox images move to Gdrive Folder


Explore how you can create an Google App that monitors your Gmail inbox for images that you send to your email account.  If you send an image jpeg it will upload the image to your gdrive automatically and move the email with a label within your google gmail drive.
Find out how you can use triggers to automate this function to power up what you Google Suite of products can do.  Connect and watch the magic happen.
Google Apps Script is based on JavaScript – JavaScript is a prerequisite to this course as its focused on applying the code to make things happen.
Course covers
  • How to get inbox threads
  • How to use logger to view values of variables within the code as you develop
  • Selecting folders on Drive
  • Creating blobs and coping blob objects to your drive from other sources
  • Scanning all messages in a thread to use the contents
  • Checking for image attachments in messages
  • Applying labels to messages in the inbox
  • Creating a file on drive
  • Using session to get active user info
  • Searching gmailApp for content
Source Code is included, build your own version of the app
Taught by an instructor with over 20 years of web development experience, ready to help you learn more about Google Apps Script.
What are YOU WAITING FOR – Join now you have nothing to lose, create your own version of the app today.


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