[100%OFF] Learn how to build a web based management software with HTML

Do you want to create a modern management software, based on web technology and working on any Smartphone, Tablet, PC device?
This is the right course for you.
Starting from the basics during the course, a simple software project of a web app that manages contacts and contacts will be explained in detail. Through the lessons we will deal step-by-step with all the operations to create the application, from the preparation of the work environment then download Xampp, Bootstrap 4, Fontawesome and FPDF library, to writing the code that implements all the interface, reading and writing.
During the course we will perform various functions:
  • MySql database configuration
  • HTML5 interface design using Bootstrap 4
  • Implementation of Javascript / JQuery / AJAX functions for interfacing with the PHP server code
  • Writing PHP code for dialogue with the database
  • Writing PHP code to use the FPDF library for the purpose of creating PDF files to be printed or saved directly in the Browser
  • Guide for exporting the project from local to remote to publish it online on your web space
The DEMO program created “ad-hoc” for this course allows you to:
  • Manage an online address book with an infinite number of contacts
  • Each contact is defined by 4 fields: Last Name, First Name, phone, email
  • The program allows the insertion, modification and deletion of contacts
  • With a simple button you can generate a PDF file with the directory list or print a “vcard” of a single contact always in PDF format
  • A search box allows you to find a specific contact
  • Through a simple PHP code it is possible to export the address book to an Excel format file.


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