[100%OFF] Learn PHP and MySQL Development By Building Projects(24HRS)

About this Course

This is the ultimate course for all web developers who want to learn web programming while building practical projects along with the instructor. This course will help both beginners and experts alike. This course will primarily teach project building using MySQL and PHP but it covers Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, web frameworks, WordPress and various other popular technologies in great detail.
This course can be done sequentially or you can pick and select the project and start working on them directly. These projects are all independent of each other. Besides the royalty free code can be used for any of your personal projects.
Project Details:
Shoutit Shoutbox
Description: Shoutit is a PHP powered shoutbox which uses mySQL to store shouts. This is a very basic PHP/MySQL
application. It is strictly procedural coding and uses the mysqli api
PHP Syntax, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL Select, MySQL Insert, Loops, Superglobals (GET, POST), Associative Arrays, HTML/CSS
PHP Quizzer
Description: Quizzer is a simple PHP/MySQL based quiz engine. it uses multiple choices and admins can create 
new quizes from within the browser
PHP Syntax, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL Select, MySQL Insert, Loops, Superglobals (GET, POST), Associative Arrays, 
HTML/CSS, Includes, Math Functions
PHP Lovers Blog
Description: This blog project is much more advanced than the earlier projects. We create a fairly large blogging 
system. We create an admin section to add posts, delete posts as well as update them. We take our first look
at using libraries and classes in OOP as we create a completely custom MySQLi Database class. We also create 
custom helper functions
PHP OOP, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL CRUD, Loops, Superglobals (GET, POST), Associative Arrays, Bootstrap Framework
TalkingSpace Form
Description: Here we step up our coding standards and completely separate logic from display. We create a PDO
database class along with 3 or 4 other classes including Topics, Users and a Validator class for form validation
Separate Logic & Display, PHP OOP, PHPMyAdmin, PDO & Perpared Statements, MySQL CRUD, Loops, Superglobals (GET, POST), Associative Arrays, 
Custom Template, User & Topic Libs, Sessions, Bootstrap Framework
The GamingPlace Shopping Cart
Description: This is an ecommerce-based MVC web application written with the Codeigniter framework. We utilize many of 
Codeigniters libraries, helpers and structure. Users can register, add products to their cart and checkout using PayPal
Codeigniter, MVC, PHP OOP, PHPMyAdmin, PDO & Perpared Statements, MySQL CRUD, Sessions, PayPal Express Checkout API
WordPress Contact Widget
Description: We will create a plugin/widget for WordPress that will allow us to put a small contact form in any widget position in the template. It
gives users an easy way to get in touch. The widget will have options in the backend like recipient and subject
WordPress Platform, WordPress Plugin API, WordPress Widget API, PHP OOP, PHPMyAdmin
AJAX Address Book
Description: A completely custom addressbook application written in PHP along with jQuery and Ajax. Ajax is used to fetch contacts as well as add and edit them.
We use the- View Less
  • JQuery
  • WordPress
  • Kewl CMS
  • To Learn Web Programming Technologies such as PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript and JQuery
  • Build Practical projects during the course
  • Learn about popular web frameworks


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