[100%OFF] The Magic of Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2


DL  continues to take powerful steps to become a  part of almost any software in the future.  DL  is one of the most popular research areas of machine learning.   What makes it so popular is the exciting applications of recent times.  Nowadays,  improvement in machine learning provides the ability to determine what an object in a picture does.
this is the course one from our specialization deep tensor, in this course we will going to take multiple real-world projects using Tensorflow 2
  • you will learn about Tensorflow 1.x then introduce you to TensorFlow 2 we will going to take a lot of information and intuition of how to see the difference between those two versions
  • you will learn a lot of preprocessing techniques that help you to create a superior dataset that can achieve a high accuracy
  • you will learn how to make a full industry project by subdividing the files into sub-files, each python file have multiple classes that can be imported in your main python script professionally
  • you will learn how to design and make a classifier which is robust and achieve high accuracy with Deep convolutional Neural Networks
  • you will learn how to design a classifier for face detection
  • you will learn how to use a pre-trained model and customize it to your object detector
  • usage of the most popular approaches for object detector that called YOLO detector algorithm
by the end of this course, you will feel comfortable and confident after learning those projects using python and deep learning, so yeah what you are waiting for let’s begin this journey together and I hope to enjoy the ride thanks.


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