[FREE] The Applicant-To-Hired Masterclass: Hacking The Job-Hunt

An inside look of the on-boarding system that shows you first-hand what employers are really looking for...
To The Introverted Tech-Professional,

If you’re struggling to close your job offers or even get an interview, then look no further. In this masterclass, you will learn how to give hiring managers exactly what they're looking for, regardless of your industry.

Whether you're in:
  • Accounting or Financial Analysis
  • Data Science or Information Technology
  • Engineering or Earth Science
  • Sales or Marketing
You will acquire the necessary skills to turn your resume into interview opportunities and transition difficult interview questions into job offers.

Hi, I’m Cristian Gray, a former Staffing Coordinator from Corporate America turned Professional Development Consultant for tech-professionals and administrators.

After experiencing a burnout from Corporate America, an employment termination from my alma mater, and an opportunity to help drive a non-profit's revenue... I decided to take action and help people land their dream job!

Because resumes come in all shapes and sizes, it's important to put in certain determining factors that set the tone for employers to invest time into you.

But the unfortunate truth is, most people don't know how to write a resume thus they end up settling for a job they are miserable at.

The reason is, landing a job is easy, but establishing a career path is hard and it all goes back to how well someone can sell themselves on paper.

BUT! You have to be able to close the job offer too, so that’s where this course comes in.

There are tons of people out there settling for less than what they're worth simply because they feel that their current position is all they will amount to.

I call B.S.!

I believe in those who are willing to go make a change in their life and sustain the hardship that goes along with it, then they will find the opportunities they're looking for.

Become my next successful hi-performance student...

In this Applicant-To-Hired Masterclass, I'm providing you the necessary tools, resources, and strategies to uncover the insider secrets to establish a much better career opportunity and start thriving again.


You will also develop a high-demand skill with the opportunity to generate a side hustle.
In this Masterclass you will learn how to:

  • Debunk job descriptions and reduce the guesswork of what to put on your resume
  • Position yourself with authority to hiring managers and employers
  • Create a resume that makes recruiters want you
  • Overcome difficult interview questions through the lateral thinking method
  • Establish a Master List that allows you to easily and instantly extract your work history on to your submitting resume
  • Understand the framework levels of the on-boarding process as an applicant
  • Remove the limiting belief that you need a network to get hired
  • Learn a universal skill that will allow you to either

A) Become a Professional Resume Writer and get people to pay YOU money (or)
B) Get out of that low-value soul-sucking job you currently have and into a career opportunity that appreciates your worth

According to Monster (dot) com, a virtual employment solution for people seeking jobs and the employers who need them, the average time span for someone who is unemployed ranges from anywhere between 3 and 6 months.

For some extreme cases, the unemployment time span can last up to 2 years!

For the average American salary of $59,039, based form the U.S. Census Bureau, that’s a 2-year loss of $118,078...‬

Why would you want to put yourself in a situation like that?

With this Applicant-To-Hired Masterclass, you can expect results of starting a career opportunity in as little as 2 to 6 weeks full of career offers that you really want, and not ones that are just jobs.

And that’s even considering that some employers have a 3-month waiting period just to get into their training program after your job interview.

By delivering the core fundamentals of the on-boarding employment process, from mental resilience training to pass the probationary period, you will learn the entire process in as little as 3 hours!

That’s literally the time span for you to watch the entire version of Peter Jackson's King Kong movie.

  • You don’t need the best vocabulary or even a college degree to write a resume ($40,000 Value)
    - Just some valuable job history, a few power verbs with a splash of quantitative proof
The system I show you is broken up into a simple before, during, and after process that shows what to expect
  • No more assumptions about how on-boarding works

The average cost of a professional resume can range all the way up to $1000 and may not even be what you want, not including revision costs... with this masterclass, you will save at least 75% of your hard-earned money...
  • You will learn how to write a quality resume that’s effortlessly attention-grabbing for hiring managers and employers, PLUS you can make as many revisions as you see fit. (An automatic $350 savings for revision costs)
  • You can create a side hustle to generate some extra cash that could INSTANTLY transition into a full-time career
    - It virtually costs nothing to sell your resume writing service

All you need is a computer with a word processing software (Microsoft of Google Docs), Wi-Fi, a dictionary, and a thesaurus.

And... you will discover the lateral thinking method that most, if not ALL, resume writers DON’T teach about for the interview process so you can smoothly handle tough interview questions, and negotiate for a pay grade that establishes your worth (FREAKING PRICELESS!)

So what’s the catch…

Fortunately for you, there is no catch to this offer. There's no B.S. or fluff within this masterclass. All you’re getting is straight practicality in learning a universal skill that can take you to the places you want to go to.

I say this because the average cost for a single college credit, not even an entire course, is about $594. Multiply that by that 3 credits and that sums to about $1782.  Your already saving money just buying this course.

You're not just learning the theory behind this course, you're acquiring a skill using your already given learning ability to change your life or someone else's.

The upside is I'm only asking for a fraction of the cost compared to:

1) Using a resume writing service
2) Learning the skill 
3) Attending a college class
4) Wasting time at an overly-expensive, boring workshop

And if you’re not 110% satisfied, here is my personal guarantee.

You are backed up by a 30-day refund policy - no questions asked.


You will be given hot and ready cheat sheets that contain the

  • Attracting power verbs needed to quantify your resume
  • Influential titles that will compel hiring managers to know who you are
  • A detail resume outline that will show you the layout of how to input your qualifications
  • The lateral-thinking method model to overcome difficult interview questions
  • Powerful and engaging questions to ask your employer & make them want you
I know your situation might be short on time so I want to ensure that you can take action NOW!

It’s as effortless as clicking the BUY NOW button to join us inside…

Once you do, you will have INSTANT access to the ultimate onboarding masterclass so you can STARTlearning immediately!
Plus, if you get stuck along the way, you can easily get in touch with me by sending a quick direct message inside our Q&A forum and I can personally coach you

P.S. Let me give you a recap of what of this shockingly exclusive offer.

You’re obtaining instant access to the insider secrets business professors won’t teach you in college. This masterclass will show you exactly how to acquire a skill that puts your experience on a pedestal, make employers desire you, and also develop the opportunity to generate a side hustle.

  • No more fumbled interviews.
  • No more guessing what to put on a resume.
  • No more failing to close your job offers.

Come in with the intent and motivation to learn what most resume-writers don’t teach you about the job hiring process.

This course is surely worth the average American salary of $2500, but it’s discounted at 92% of what most online course creators charge just to help with the server costs.

So, Click the BUY NOW! Button to receive your Applicant-To-Hired Masterclass now. I assure you, you won’t regret it.
Who this course is for:
  • The natural introverts in the TECH industry who are shy when it comes to interviews.
  • Someone who wants to develop a high-demand skill and write resumes for other people as a freelancer.
  • An inexperienced professional that needs to learn what employers are looking for so they can enhance their skill-set(s).
  • That one person who was constantly passed up for every promotion and desires to earn a new career opportunity with a pay bump.
  • Someone who is looking for change in their career path in hopes to feel alive again.


He is a Christ Believer who has passion in Jesus words and loves writing about Jesus, Word Of Esperience, Living a life in a Godly way and every words related with the bible. He is the Chief Editor of GodlyTutor.

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