[FREE] Computer Science And Programming: Beginner JavaScript

If you ever wanted to learn how to program a computer, but have 0 idea about how to start, this will be a great experience for you. My name is Zach Freedman, I've been programming for 8 years, and I promise that this course can teach you how to program so long as you speak English and have a Mac/PC with an internet connection. Programming and software engineering have given me great problem solving skills that extend into real life, way beyond the realm of technology and computers. I can't recommend learning how to program from ANYONE or ANYWHERE highly enough: it's actually life changing (I know that sounds incredibly cheesy, go watch some of the free lectures, you'll get what I mean).

In college I majored in math and computer science, and I remember the programming courses were extremely hard and boring for me. Sometimes I'd get lucky and find a professor who tried to make the topics more engaging, but this was a rare occurrence. I managed to snag a job as a teaching assistant later on during the senior year of my undergraduate career, and I really excelled at connecting with the students as someone who struggled with the same material before.

Programming a computer isn't simple, but I really believe that struggling with something is the best way to get a great learning experience out of it. In this course, I hand-hold through much of the learning process, making sure that students have the best chance possible in understanding the concepts I cover. Together, we'll go through applied examples of each fundamental programming concept discussed. Afterwards, I'll allow you to solve problems alone, with detailed video explanations of how I would approach the problem provided.

Topics covered include (but aren't limited to):
- JavaScript
- problem solving and logical thinking
- asking the internet for help
- command prompt (Windows) and terminal (Mac)
- Node and NPM basics
- printing and output
- error debugging
- object types
- strings
- variables and constants
- loops
- conditionals
- functions
- recursion
- dynamic programming
- objects
- dictionaries, maps, or hash tables
- arrays
- numbers
- math and mathematical operations
- boolean logic
- data structures
- algorithms
- object oriented programming (OOP) or classes

Music Credits:
The song in the promo video is High by the artist LYFO.
Who this course is for:
  • Anybody of any age who doesn't know how to code/program but wants to learn how
  • College students taking computer science 101 courses
  • People interested in coding bootcamps who have never coded in their life
  • Someone interested in learning the very basics of one of the hottest programming languages: JavaScript


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