[FREE] Create a Photo-realistic Character Animation in Blender 2.8

This is a complete and extensive step by step demonstration course that will show you all steps involved in creating, rigging and animating a realistic character in blender from start to finish. After this course, you would have learnt valuable workflows which will help improve your productivity in blender.
Topics covered include:
1. Modelling in blender
- Setting up background image
- Modelling the head
- Modelling the shirt
- Modelling the trousers
- Modelling the shoes
- Modelling the hands

2. Advanced character rig in blender
- Adding and setting up deformation bones
- Adding IK bones
- Adding finger controllers
- Setting up IK bones
- Setting up the character rig I
- rigging the eyes
- Weight painting and correction
- Setting up FK bones
- Setting up the character rig II
- Adding the teeth and tongue
- Adding and setting up shapekeys
- Adding and setting up drivers for shapekeys
- Creating and using custom bone shapes
- Adding a user interface for the rig controllers

3. Texturing
- Texturing the eyeballs
- Adding seams to the model
- Positioning the UV's
- Texturing the head
- Texturing the shirt
- Texturing the trousers
- Texturing the socks and the shoes
- Texturing the hands
- Sculpting and baking normals
- Creating the bump map
- Creating the specular map
- Subsurface scattering
- Improving the model I
- Normal map rigging
- Improving the model II

4. Hair
- Texturing the hair
- Hair particles

5. Pose library

6. Animation
- Correcting the weight paint
- Setting up the audio
- Adding markers
- Improving the model I
- Lip syncing
- General character movements I
- Improving the model II
- General character movements II
- Improving the model III
- Rendering the animation
This course will help you hone your blending skills and i hope you enjoy it.


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