[FREE] The Fundamentals of Marketing and Marketing Funnel (FMMF)

I guess everyone has probably heard of 7Ps Marketing Mix.
It was originally 4Ps, but extended to 7Ps.
The 1st P is the price. As you all know, the number of demands usually increases when the price decreases.
The 2nd P is the product. It is about the quality, benefits, and features of the product bring to the consumers.
The 3rd P is promotion. This is usually referred to as advertising and promotion. In an attempt to increase sales or build brand awareness.
The 4th P is place. Where your products are offered, sold and distributed. The right business location may be a key to success.
The 5th P is physical evidence. It is about the overall experience the customers have with your business. For example store layout and design, product packaging and others.
The 6th P is the process. This refers to how easy it is to do business with you.
The 7th P is people. It is about the staff, sales and customer support team.
In this course, we are going to discuss the fundamentals of marketing from a different or slightly different aspect.
What exactly is marketing? Some people may simply define it as promoting a product or service. As we all know, the word “marketing” actually comes from the word “market”, which actually contains six important elements, which are market, activities, resources, knowledge, effectiveness, and tools.
“M” refers to market. You must have a market for your products or services, else the business cannot last for long.
“A” refers to activities. All businesses run their sales, promotion and advertising campaigns.
“R” refers to resources. Do we have enough funds to run our marketing campaign?
“K” refers to knowledge. Therefore, training and development are important.
“E” refers to effectiveness. It is about measuring the result of any marketing campaigns.
“T” refers to tools. So, what are the business tools do we need?
This is a short course that summarizes the fundamental and basic principles of marketing.
It can also be refresher course that everyone can enroll in.
I hope to see you on the course, thank you!


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