[FREE] Instagram Mastery: A Step-by-Step to Building A Business

According to Hootsuite there are:
  • 100 Billion monthly active users on the 'Gram as of 2019!
  • 500 Million people use IG stories everyday
  • 200 Million users visit at least one business profile daily
  • The gender mix is: 52% Female, 48% Male
  • IG's potential advertising reach is 849.3 Million users
  • 75.3% of U.S businesses will use IG in 2020
Sometimes I seriously can't contain my excitement when it comes to Instagram
Why? Because I do all my marketing on this platform and the best part is I pay FREE 99 to build, brand, and market my online business!
Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...
Module 1: How to Set Up Your Profile
Module 2: Creating High Engaging Pictures & Content
Module 3: Boost Your Engagement (likes, comments, & shares)
Module 4: Influencer Insider Apps & Tools
Module 5: Perfect Image & Content Strategy
Module 6: IG Account & Website Traffic Mastery
Module 7: Attract Your Ideal Client
Module 8: Establish Yourself as a Top-Notch Influencer & Expert
Module 9: High Converting Sales Funnel
Module 10: Schedule and Plan Your Content
Implementing Instagram into my business marketing strategy has CHANGED my life!!
Deep in my soul I know that it can change yours too!
The day I decided to give 100% of my attention towards learning, mastering, and marketing via Instagram...was the day my business took off. I know what it is like to start a business with a budget and a lack of "know how" knowledge. I launched HTW, in mid 2016 when I found myself desiring to fire my boss and have a jetset lifestyle. Yup! Just like you, I wanted a WIFI business where I could work from anywhere!
I spent tons of days glued to my computer jumping from webinar to webinar. Attending seminars that left me feeling overwhelmed by everything I learned in 3 days. Hired an online biz coach at $3,500 to teach me all the "secrets" and spill all the business influencer inside scoop (that overwhelmed me too). Bought tons of cheap courses. Enrolled to a few monthly memberships. Listened to podcasts. Downloaded tons of freebies from Pinterest promising to give me all the answers and yet I didn't feel confident in my ability to market myself on Instagram!
One super ambitious day, I decided to develop my own marketing system because I was on a mission to build a mother f*cking Empire. I spent countless hours perfecting my content and optimizing every component of my account in order to automate leads and sales. Was able to collaborate and connect with high engaging accounts like @bossladiesmindset @mindingherbusiness @hausofdimitri
Besides establishing myself as an "expert" in my industry and an Instagram influencer... I've traveled and lived abroad for FUN in Europe. Been able to witness life changing experiences like a birth without having to request the day off. Rarely use an alarm to wake me up. Wake up in "tourist" locations without financial stress and worry. Book speaking engagements. Empower women like YOU to follow their passion because you seriously have some life-changing skills, talents, knowledge, and abilities that the rest of the world needs!!!
Regardless, of your age...zip code...past...and lack of "know-how"I am here to guide you step-by-step how I built a community of over 32k ambitious women who are ready to transform their life and business. Are you ready to learn?
"I really enjoyed @how.to.woman’s Instagram Mastery Course! In addition to teaching overall Instagram knowledge, Genesis gave awesome insider tips on how to attract more engaged followers, how to clearly speak to my tribe, and even how to organize my page better to attract the right clients. Most of all, I love the professional video format as I’m such a visual learner. And bonus: Genesis is a really positive and uplifting teacher!! I highly recommend you join her course today if you want to get your Instagram page up and running the right way!"


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