[FREE] Photoshop CC 2020 MasterClass: Be a Creative Professional

This Photoshop CC MasterClass is simply More than 12 COURSES in One BIG MasterClass!
Covering Almost all Adobe Photoshop’s aspects & applications in a detailed, Creative and practical way.
Who is this course for?
Whether you are a BEGINNER or ADVANCED Graphic designer, Photographer, Digital Artist, Art Lover or even someone who is into enhancing your Instagram & Profile pictures. This course is designed for you!
As all Photoshop tools, Skills & Main topics are included in 14 sections, each of them can be a separate course on its own.
& each section is so detailed, with UNIQUE EDITING STYLE for the best explanation & most importantly straight to the point lessons not to waste your valuable time!
What does this course cover?
– Photoshop Essentials and basics.
– Layers & Photoshop’s panels.
– Transformation & Perspective tweaking.
– Design & work Precisely in Photoshop.
– Photoshop Brushes & Digital Painting.
– Raster Drawing & Photoshop Vector Drawing.
– Selection & masking in Photoshop.
– Smart Objects.
– Adjustments Layers.
– Image Retouching & Manipulation in Photoshop.
– Typography & Creative Advertising ideas.
– Animated Gifs & Video editing in Photoshop.
– Finalizing & Exporting Files from photoshop.
– 3D design in Photoshop.
* Downloadable Goodies:
This Photoshop Course is jam-packed with ( Artwork project files – Design assets & exercises ) to help you build your portfolio, create stunning Artwork & build those Photoshop Muscles.
You will get to learn photoshop’s best practices from day one by doing fun real-world projects then upload them our course’s exclusive facebook group to get personalized feedback from me or share your Artwork & get inspired by a group of like-minded students from all over the world.
The Instructor is What Makes the course so special, Right?
Khalil Ibrahim is a Chief designer who promoted to that title after working in many international advertising agencies with experience over 15 years in the design field and using Adobe Photoshop. Besides traveling around the world learning about different Design Schools, Trends & Art Directions. and who really cared to not only make sure you understand Photoshop’s tools, technicals & concepts but Also to really learn it in a creative way and to use it Artistically like a Creative professional.
Enroll Now and let’s Master Adobe Photoshop Together!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Photoshop from Scratch to Pro level and add it to your CV.
  • Your acquired knowledge of Photoshop can be a great skill to start earning money.
  • Pursuit your graphic designer, Digital Artist, Photographer dream job by mastering Photoshop.
  • You will learn how to use photoshop tools & techniques in a creative real world applications.
  • learn photoshop with graphic design & photography theories.
  • you will learn to select & mask images with different techniques including tough areas like Hair, Smoke..etc.
  • you will learn how to design precisely in Photoshop using design grids & guides.
  • Work like a professional in Photoshop mastering all Non- destructive techniques.
  • Create amazing posters & Artwork that you use for your portfolio.
  • learn how to retouch images & enhance your own images in a beautiful way.


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