[FREE] Uncover Web Scraping with Python – SCRAPY Framework

Success in Data Science is not only about the selected algorithm but also about your DATA.
An original DATAset analyzed with an average Machine Learning algorithm, has the potential to reveal much more than an analysis carried out on a data accessed by everyone, where your most sophisticated algorithm increased prediction accuracy by 1%.
Of course this is a theme for discussion. But still, any one who would contest above statement will still acknowledge the importance of accession to original, meaningful and reliable data.
This basic pillar of data science is sometimes underestimated and overlooked.
In this sense, Web Scraping can be the key to open hidden doors to success in Data Science.
Moreover, sometimes we avoid going deeper to understand our tools, for the sake of having a running module in shortest time. Although this is tempting and starts very rewardingn (because we see results in few minutes), It limits our progress in the medium to long term.
This course exactly aims to build on top of these facts by going into web scraping with one of the most advanced and well-structured web scraping tools: SCRAPY of Python. The Architecture of Scrapy Web Scraping Framework will be thoroughly analzed and explained to be able to grasp and exploit Scrapy in its limits.
You might be web scraping in a different environment, but your handles will be not too different. You might not call it a downloader middleware, but you will have modules to process the request before it is sent, and the response just after it arrived. Redirection, retrying, user-agent settings are few things you must handle in any web scraping environment. So this course, which is aiming for a deeper understanding of these tools is also of use to you.
This course will take the hard way, start slower, but dig deeper, which will considerably increase your understanding and success in follow-on learning journey.
Additionally, this course takes into account the busy nature of the daily schedule so boldly intends to give this necessary fundamentals in webscraping in Scrapy within two hours.
It is also developed so that, you don’t have to ‘code along’ but only watch / listen and think, so aims that all students who take the course effectively finish the course.
I hope to see you in the course to uncover Web Scraping thru Scrapy together.

What you’ll learn

  • Web Scraping Fundamentals with Python and Scrapy
  • Deep Understanding of Scrapy Framework Architecture


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