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Welcome to the Swift Basics Course where we aim to start learning about Swift Programming from SCRATCH!
You don’t need any past programming experience and/or mobile app development experience in any programming language to take this course, we will learn to Code Swift from Scratch.
What is Swift
Swift is a general-purpose programming language developed by Apple to create apps for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and even for tvOS.
What you are going to learn
Use of Xcode’s Playground Environment – Learn to use Playground which is very powerful Interactive work Environment for Swift Programming
Swift Variables and Constants – Learn the basics of Variables, Constants and their Data Types in Swift
Operators in Swift – Learn how to use various operators in Swift that includes Arithmetic Operators, Compound Assignment Operators, Comparison Operators and Logical Operators.
Characters and Strings – Learn to manipulate Strings and Characters in your code and different functions associated with them.
Collection Types in Swift – Learn about Arrays, Dictionaries, Sets and Tuples in Swift and how to use them. Also learn about different method associated with them.
Swift Control Flow – This section deals with iterators and conditionals. Learn how to use while loops, For loops in Swift.
Swift Functions – We will learn about Functions, how to create them, pass parameters to a function and get return values from a function.
Classes in Swift – Learn how to use blueprint like Class in Swift.
Struct in Swift – Learn how to use blueprint like Struct in Swift.
By the end of this course, you will be well versed with:
  • Swift Fundamentals
  • Variables and Constants in Swift
  • Operators in Swift
  • Creating Functions
  • Creating Loops
  • Conditions in Swift
  • Collection Types in Swift
  • Enums in Swift
  • Switch Statements in Swift
  • Struct in Swift
  • Classes in Swift
  • And much more
  • And you will be ready to create your first iOS App
You’ll get friendly support in the Q&A area.
Take this course now and start learning Swift Programming LanguageWho this course is for:
  • Anyone Who wants to Start learn Swift
  • If you are a Complete Beginner, then this course is just for you.
  • New programmers who want to get started with programming languages
  • Beginners Who want to Dive in iOS App Development


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