[100% OFF] Workflow of Modern Web Design from Wireframes to Style Guide

Make your Web Design process simple, effective and painless with this Web Design course

From the past few years, job of a traditional Web Designer has been drastically changed. Designing for each and every screen (Responsive Web Design) is not easy. Questions like these come to mind of every young web designer e.g. How to change layout? How to setup grids for responsive web design? Which content to hide and show?
Now in every Web Design project, we designers  
  • Gather project requirements (from client and users)   
  • Sketch early Ideas of your website
  • Wire-frame those ideas   
  • Convert wireframes to Design Mockups   
  • Getting Specs and Style Guides ready for Developers   
  • Creating Prototypes to show the flows and interactions
  • How to design Responsive views of your Website in Photoshop
  • Save time by improving your Web Design Workflow
Every modern designer uses more than 2 to 3 tools in Web Design process. Designers also need to collaborate with Developers a lot so how to solve all these problems.   
So in this course, I will show you modern process of creating Responsive web design from gathering information and design briefs from client to creating sketches, wire-frames and prototypes or even style guides for developers.   
Tools you will learn during this course are   
  • Adobe Photoshop   
  • Balsamiq Mockups   
  • Invision App   
  • Zeplin App   
Design frameworks you will touch in this course are
  • Atomic Design framework
  • 8-Point Grid System
I will show other similar online apps for Web Designers at the end and compare their pros and cons.   
Now if you are ready to learn the modern web design and become a top notch Web Designer   
Start this course Now 


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