[FREE] How To Create Your Dream Website 2020

If you're looking to start a website, you’re an entrepreneur small business owner freelancer you're in for a treat.
I'm going to show you step by step a simple and painless way to get started online in one click with a beautiful website that you can customize piece by piece like legos. it’s Easy I’m going to show you in a sec…
I'm also going to show you how to properly set up your website so you connect with your audience so they stay and engage with your website We'll be using WordPress, which is the same thing a lot of celebrities and companies use such as Forbes, Katy, Perry, Sony, CNN, New York Times and Jay Z.
All you need to know right now is, this is the only way you want to build a website as it's super simple, will save you a ton of time and money..
and after this video, you'll be able to do it yourself without even thinking about it.
So Lets check it out.. Now there are hundreds of beautiful templates, choose one that fits your business the best.
Everything is customizable…
I will start with my title..
And add one of my favorite photos.
I can add a little info about my business ..
Add a video.
I can even move things around and stack them just like legos.
So let get started..
There are three steps to completing your website. Step one is choosing a website's address, also known as your domain name. Just like ours is. Websites made easy, you're going to have your very own domain name too.

And website hosting so your website has somewhere to live and people can find it. Both of these are super cheap because I'm going to give you a special coupon code. Step two is creating your website pages and launching your brand new website, and in step three you'll be getting to know Astra Starter sites which is the free tool to creating a beautiful looking website, which is not only unique to you, but it's so easy to use.
You're going to love it. I can't wait for you to see how awesome this tool is, you will have a fully built out professional-looking website imported in one click saving you time as well. All your pages will be created, about us page, contact us, page Services page, projects.. And all we need to do is customize them…
It's something I wish I had when I first started doing this.


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