[FREE] Next Level Photo Editing - Your photos can look much better!

I am going to teach you everything you need know about some interesting and hands-on techniques I use in editing portrait, landscape, nature, or fine art photos. We will look at adding some special effects as well. From importing a raw file, working with layers, masks, color and light correction, working with different tools, perspective correction, creating special effects, to editing B&W photos, we are going to learn everything together step-by-step in an easy-to-understand way.

To help you experience a real-life working situation and to spice things up, our course is going to be project-based. To maintain the integrity of the editing steps, I’ve divided the course into only five lessons. However, each lesson contains several steps. Of course, you can pause after each one to practice and then continue. You can also download all the raw files used in our course so that you will be able to follow me step by step and apply them yourself.
I am going to regularly update our course with new edits so you get a chance to practice more and hopefully witness a remarkable spike in your photo editing skills. When you subscribe, you’ll have lifetime access to the course and all the future updates.
Do send me your comments and recommendations to help me tailor my future courses.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who loves photography and editing photos.


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