[FREE] Your First Three Steps to Learning Tai Chi

Not sure about what Tai Chi can offer?
  • Like to try a class but prefer to test it out at home? 
  • Perhaps you tried it once before and didn't like the instructor or the style?
  • Does your work/home commitment prevent you from attending a local class? 
Well, Your First Three Steps to Learning Tai Chi might just help. Offering some of the basic elements that make up this fascinating art, this 3-part course, will introduce you to the essentials of posture, movement and breath so that you will not only learn useful life-skills, but, understand how your body works, experience greater health and have the basis for deciding if a complete course on Tai Chi is right for you.
In this free course you will find explanations, instructions and simple exercises that will give you a real taster for the art as well as providing links to further studies, additional courses, books, podcasts and articles.
I'm hoping that Your First Three Steps to Learning Tai Chi will not be your last, but the beginning of a new journey of discovery that will open up another world of co-ordinated movement, elegance and breath.


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