[100% OFF] The Freelancers Cheatsheet: Make Upwork Clients CHASE YOU!

This course provides advice that has led me to make thousands of dollars on Upwork with a 99.4% client satisfaction rating on Upwork.
Soon you will have a proven step by step formula to make big money on Upwork with long-term contracts.
Whether you’re already on Upwork and frustrated with it...
Or if you are just starting out and wanting to figure out how to really make serious revenue on the platform...
This course is for you!
It doesn't matter if you’re a copywriter, web-developer, graphic designer, etc. – the tactics we’ve laid out apply to you.
There is ZERO fluff in this course - it is the pure process I used to build a hugely successful Upwork account.
So if you value your time and money, and you want to make more money on Upwork, this is the best course for you.
The 3 main goals for this course:
  1. Show you how to position yourself as the TOP 1% of Upwork freelancers in your industry.
  2. Teach you how to start conversations with clients that make them say 'WOW!'
  3. Show you how to negotiate long-term deals with clients.
We start out by teaching you some of the foundations you need in order to set yourself up for success on Upwork.
We talk about why it’s important to position yourself as a premium contractor from day one.
We show you the specific tactical information that you’re going to need to know to win jobs.
We teach you the exact process that we use to land high dollar deals on Upwork on a consistent basis.
We close the course by teaching you how to handle negotiation like a premium contractor who knows their true value.
What makes this course different?
  • I reveal the tried-and-tested methods and techniques used on my own Upwork account.
  • I go through my own account as a case study, with behind-the-scenes instructional walkthroughs from inside Upwork.
  • I have gone through the trial and error so you don't have to fail.
  • You get a solid step-by-step plan which will get you REAL results within 7 days.
My teaching style is straight forward, clear and to-the-point.
See you on the inside!


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