[100% OFF] Google Ad words Advertising Fundamentals Practice Exam

Sample Questions
Q) Change the match type for a group of keywords from broad to exact match will likely:
a) decrease impressions
b) Visits to increase
c) to increase your Quality Score
d) Reduction rate quality
e) None
Q) Susan has added only these keywords in your ad group wedding dress [designer wedding dress] - [cheap wedding]. What problems can cause their ads?
a) Wedding Dress
b) Cheap wedding dresses
c) Wedding Dresses
d) cheap wedding
e) None
Q) The Keyword Tool is used to:
a) Find duplicate keywords in ad campaigns.
b) Find out if your ads are appearing on certain search queries
c) To determine the exact competitors' bids for keywords.
d) Search for new keywords for ad campaigns.
e) None
Q) The keyword with a very low click through rate (CTR), as a rule, are:
a) Impressions only on the Google Search Network.
b) The lowest average price per click (CPC) on Google search.
c) More impressions on the Google Display Network.
d) Poor quality results on Google Search Network.
e) None


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