[100% OFF] Master TkInter: Create 5 Real World TkInter Apps

Do you want to create Python GUI with TkInter?
Then you have come to the right place.
Welcome to the TkInter mastery course, where you will learn how to create real world TkInter applications from scratch.

Who am I?
My name is Luke
I am a programmer with over 5 years of experience.
I worked for companies like SAP and currently I am a Udemy instructor with over 75 000 students.

Who is this course for?
  1. Anyone who want to create Python GUI
  2. Programmer with basic python knowledge who wants to create GUI with TkInter
  3. Anyone who knows basics of TkInter but wants to learn more
What you can find inside the course?
In the beginning we will take a look at how to create window and how to add widgets like:
  • button
  • label
  • frame
  • menu
  • image
  • entry
  • canvas (Lines, Rectangles, Ovals)
  • check box
  • combo box
Then you practice your knowledge on several fully functioning python GUI applications.
First one is the "Todo-list". Then we take a look at the Tick Tack Toe game.
From these simple applications we move on to more complex ones one of them is the working text editor. It allows you to save and open file and even style the text a little bit. Another project is the Graphical editor, where we take a closer look at the events that are occurring in your application.
Lastly we create an application that I do like to call the clicking game (within some time frame, you are trying to click on a moving button as many times as possible)

All the source codes are available to you.
So that you can show off to your friends, what applications you can create.

We have over 30 high quality video lectures combined with articles and if you don't understand something or if you need help with something. You can always reach out to me. Mostly I respond within a Day.

At the end of this course, You will get a certificate of completion. That you can put on your resume or on your linked in profile.
The course also comes with amazing 30 day money back guarantee. So you can try the course, risk free.

So do you want to learn TkInter?
Enroll today and I will see you in the course


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