[100% OFF] Python 3.7 Beginner's Bootcamp 2020

Among programming languages, Python tops the charts for the most promising career options for techies. Career Opportunities in Python are growing in numbers across the world. Not only small companies but even top companies are using Python as their business application development. which includes Google, Facebook, IBM, Nokia and many more..

This course will teach/give you
  • Complete basics of Python from level zero.
  • Assignments to test your grasping power.

    ***NOTE: This course is still being developed to give you 10+ hours of video content.***

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Below are the topics covered in the course:
  • Python Installation
  • Running Python Code
  • Variables

  • Data types
  • Operators

  • Lists

  • Tuples

  • Strings

  • Sets

  • Dictionaries
  • Conditional statements

  • Loops

  • Custom Functions

  • Modules

  • Packages

  • File Handling

  • Errors and Exceptions

  • Handling Exceptions

  • Database Expressions

  • Regular Expressions
.........and many Coding Assignments.

You will also get:
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime Access

****ENROLL NOW ****

To your Freedom and Success!!
Happy Learning!!


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