[100% OFF] React Native Chat App with Firebase - Firestore Course 2020

This course is for every programmer who wants to learn mobile application development and want to increase their skills to the next level.
Do you want to learn Mobile Application Development?
- You will learn it in this course.
Do you want to make iOS and Android app with a single code base?
- You are in the right place.
Do you want to learn the Git Commands?
- Yes? Then why are you thinking?
Do you want to learn react-native Hooks?
- Of course yes
Do you want to Master firebase Auth?
- Absolutely
Do you want to Master firebase firestore realtime database ?
- Definitely

Then why are you giving it a second thought just enroll and avail the opportunity.

What You will learn in this Course:
  • React's custom markup Language JSX to design the UI.
  • The process of breaking down complex components into smaller separate Reusable components.
  • Separate Utils and Helper Classes
  • React Native Hooks.
  • How to make beautiful looking apps.
  • Learn the flexbox technique to design apps.
  • How to make responsive apps for different Screens.
  • Firebase Authentication.
  • Firebase Firestore Realtime Database.
  • React Native react-navigation V5.
  • Learn git commands

We will cover all these topics in-depth by building a Chat App with a realtime firestore database.
Note: I built this course by having in mind that what will be the best practices and approaches required to build an app and the concepts that I have learned through my professional development experience.


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