[FREE] Accounts Training in 30 Minutes

Learn how to record and check the following; Stock Bought, Cash Sales; Expenses like; Rent, Telephone, Electricity and Wages; Fixed Assets, Loan Borrowed, Daily Cash Balance, Profit and Tax Amount, plus Business Value on Balance Sheet.
Note the following;
  1. This Crash Training is based on Android Software which also runs on Windows. However the Windows version is Not Free.
  2. Training Software is Free and offline, doesn't require the Internet.
  3. No Prior Accounting or Bookkeeping Knowledge is required
  4. Software Overview is skipped, please navigate at your pace
  5. It is easy to apply in a business that has straightforward transactions without complications
  6. These are only Cash transactions without the Bank Account or Credit
  7. Software has more facilities and Reports than this coverage. upto a Tax Return or Vat Return (separate version). You can check the different menus.
  8. It calculates the Stock Balance if the Sales and buying is recorded in Units
  9. The displayed Profit or Loss is Not accurate if the Closing Stock value is Not recorded.
  10. Since this is recorded training, please re-play the video to understand better, before contacting us for explanations
  11. Further Training is also Free, via WhatsApp and Facebook, for individuals who buy software directly from us.
  12. The software can be customised to any Reports format, at a reasonable Fee.
  13. For those who wish to do some practice, there are dummy documents at the end.


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