[FREE] Designing REST API - Learn basics of REST API Designing

In this course, you will learn basics of how to apply design principles, patterns, and architectures to create reusable and flexible Restful API's. The course will go from REST API evolution to basic design principles to be followed while designing REST API. If you are new to REST API or want to brush up your understandings about REST API this course is perfect fit for you.
My Aim is to provide a course as short as possible and as detailed as possible. I tried to touch all the concepts in REST API designing.

Disclaimer - This course goes through basics of REST API designing which will be helpful for someone to understand the concepts and design REST API. I have touched through all concepts on a very basic level so the student has to put more effort on learning each concept on a detailed level to develop a better API.
Also this course will not teach coding of REST API or any other languages in specific.

Also I'll be regularly updating the course every month to keep it updated with latest technologies so everything comes free for you after you purchase this course once.

1. What is an API.
2. REST API and its Evolution.
3. Architectural Principles which makes an API RESTful.
4. Richardson's Maturity model for grading any API.
5. REST design principles.
6. Open API specification.
7. Case study to design REST API with Open API specification.


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