[FREE] Facebook Video Ads: 14 Steps to Make and Improve Video Ads

In this course, we will teach you to not only make and improve your video ads but also to make the best Facebook Audience and where to place your ad on Facebook and Instagram.
I started from very basics and taught how you can make video thumbnail in the first lecture which will bring you more clicks. Then I taught very basic but crucial points that must be taken care of while making a video ad or improving an existence Ad which includes adding social proof to your ads and what actually social proof is. Moreover, Pixels of video and duration are also discussed in the course because there are some custom dimensions of videos that when played in mobiles then it will automatically cover a larger area of the screen which will draw the attention of the viewer for sure!
Also, as no one can remake a video advertisement just because it is in landscape mode, we showed how you can convert the video pixels online within minutes for Free. Furthermore, not only the best Ads bring sales but also selecting the best Facebook/Instagram Audience and Ad Placement bring many more conversions in very small time hence both are discussed deeply in the forth and Firth lecture of the course.
As we already know that unique ads bring more sale hence we not only discussed all its points but also we showed some tactics by which one can get royalty-free video and audio contents for their ads to make them super unique. Captions and texts are very important in video ads because many people watch ads without sound hence we discussed how important it is to add texts and captions so that one can understand your Facebook ad without voice too. Also, we did a practical video editing session in which we uploaded an ad and improved it with canva for Facebook to bring more sales and clicks. In the next part, we make a new Facebook Video ad from scratch within 10 mins that include images, elements, texts, cool backgrounds and also a contact us page with logo address and email. and that video ad can be uploaded to Facebook or Instagram for marketing and for sure that type of ad brings good sales compared to simple picture Ads. Also, we discussed adding real-life examples to your Facebook ad so that the customer will directly engage him/herself in that ad which will bring good sales at the end.
Facebook Pixels play a vital role in collecting the information about the audience that is coming to your website from Facebook and Instagram and hence we showed how you can connect Facebook pixels to your website step by step to get real tracking of website visitors.
The Best video ad with Best audience and ad Placement will bring very good results but all the effort is incomplete without the perfect and professional Title and Description of the Ad hence we discuss deeply how one can write Facebook Ad or Instagram Ad's Title and Description with hooks to attract more clients. In the end, I explained a simple trick to get Free traffic on your video ads so that you will get some extra fruits from your Video ads.
We are looking forward to having you in our student's list while getting better results of your ads after this course. You can contact us for any queries just send us a message while going to my profile and we will get back to you as soon as possible


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