[FREE] Home Golf: The Ultimate HOME-BASED golf coaching program

Welcome to Home Golf – with PGA professional Brent German
The world’s first golf coaching program developed specifically to improve your golf game from the comfort of your own home. The program has been proven to achieve fast development, results and improvement in your golf game.
Whether you’re a casual golfer or a low or high handicapper, Home Golf is relevant for you. Why? Because the fundamentals of the golf swing are the same.
Whether you’re in your lounge room watching TV or in the kitchen cooking dinner there is a simple and easy carefully crafted home golf drill YOU can practice!
No golf clubs required! Each drill utilises everyday items found around the house like an egg flip, a chopping board, a broom, coat hanger, a towel, mirror, the fridge, cupboard making it easy to practice without worrying about buying new equipment or breaking anything in the house.
Home Golf was created in Melbourne, Australia by a keen golf student and PGA professional golf coach, Brent German who has learned his trade from among the world’s best coaches including those of Tiger Woods and Greg Norman.
Over 35 golf coaching videos including tailored drills you can do from the comfort of your VERY OWN home using everyday household items as training aids.
The course covers:
Section 1: Golf Fundamentals
Section 2: Myths and Misconceptions of Golf
• Keep your head down • Ball goes straight • Hit it harder • Left arm straight • Backspin
Section 3: The 7 fundamentals of the Golf swing
How does ball go in the air • The Grip • Set up • Pivot • Balance • Aiming
Section 4: Home Golf Drills - The full swing
Section 5: Home Golf Drills – Chipping
Section 6: Home Golf Drills – Pitching
Section 7: Home Golf Drills – Putting
BONUS Section 8: Course Management
BONUS Section 9: Mental game tips


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