[FREE] How to Fulfill Your Assignment on Earth

Are you living the life God created you to live? Learn how to live that life you were created to live by following relevant forces as exposed in this course
Every man, woman, boy and girl is born with an assignment, a purpose to execute on earth. Just like the purpose of every product is determined by the manufacturer, we must understand and be convinced that we as humans are products of God. And God our creator/manufacturer made us to fulfill a purpose/assignment.
We have all been given a ministry (purpose) and stewardship (assignment) by God. And it is your responsibility to fulfill your purpose and my responsibility to fulfill mine. This world cannot be a beautiful place without human beings fulfilling divine assignments for their lives.
There is a God agenda for this earth and we are important part of it. Successful systems, institutions and governments cannot be created without man – every house according to the Hebrew 3:4 is built and furnished by someone…
So, we are the ones to build this world to the way that God wants it to be and that is possible by fulfilling our purpose. We all have our parts to play according to our individual purpose. I can’t do your part neither could you do mine.
In this course, I will be showing you how to fulfill your part of God’s agenda in this world through the engagement of powerful forces.
Lets get the journey started


He is a Christ Believer who has passion in Jesus words and loves writing about Jesus, Word Of Esperience, Living a life in a Godly way and every words related with the bible. He is the Chief Editor of GodlyTutor.

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