[FREE] Microsoft SQL for Beginners (SQL Server and T-SQL)

Are you interesting in learning a skill that can start you in a job between $85,000-$125,000?
In this course you will learn Structured Query Language - SQL and how to use Microsoft SQL Server

Databases are incredibly important in our modern world with many organizations using data to run and drive their business and learning SQL is the staring point to roles in Data Science and Big Data.

This course is meant for absolute beginners who want to learn about Databases and SQL for Microsoft SQL Server

This course covers a series of topics including...
- Setting up and installing SQL Server
- Installing a sample database
- Select Queries
- Where Clauses
- Advanced SQL Queries
- Joins
- Aggregate Functions
- Subqueries
- Stored Procedures and Views

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  • A PC or Mac is required
  • No prior knowledge of Databases, SQL or SQL Server  is needed.


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