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Success is a Study, Continuous Learning. Wealth is Ideas in Your Minds.
Learn all the secret to become rich until become everything your knowledge. Knowledge is NOT POWER. Knowledge is your potential power, It is your use of knowledge which gives you power.
Andrew Carnegie, the great steel tycoon who was the richest man in his time and who gave his millions to help others, used to say... "There is no use whatever in trying to help people who do not help themselves. You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless he is willing to climb himself." You must willing to uplift yourself first.
Everyone who reaches success today is lifted to success by the willing hands of those who want to help him/her succeed! You get the credits, get promoted, get richer, and become famous. Whatever You can conceived, you can accomplished it.
Do you need a brilliant mind? Or a miraculous memory? Or high educational credentials?
You cannot win friends and influence people who don't even notice you. Get you noticed, known and liked!
Get richer quicker in direct proportion to your use of facts as springboards to lift your ideas to great heights of improvements and profitable progress. Fulfilling one or more of their basic subconscious needs. So that your personal popularity and influence will skyrocket!
A real leader - not one of the many who would like to have the title and authority, but those who attract and skilfully lead multitudes of loyal "associates", and the success of the project is thereby assured.
German philosopher, Gothe said, "What you can do, or dream you can, BEGIN it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."
  1. Two Secrets To Become Rich
  2. How to Push Yourself Up The Ladder
  3. How to Attract Favourable Attention
  4. How to Become Super Rich, What is Marketable Skills
  5. How to Make Yourself Become More Useful
  6. What is The Most Profitable Product
  7. Magic Questions to Improve Almost Anything
  8. How to Find Profitable Ideas
  9. How To Get The Best Rewards
  10. How To Propose Ideas - Golden Road to Riches
  11. How To Get Continuous Flow if Ideas
  12. How To Apply Idea Power to Facts
  13. How To Create More Opportunities
  14. How To Get Rich by Imperfection
  15. How to Become Indispensable
  16. How to Be Rewarded with High Position
  17. How Would You Like You As Boss
  18. How to Persuade Others to Do What You Want
  19. How to Get Rich by Fulfill The Eager Wants
  20. How To Work in Harmony - Be Happy
  21. How To Succeed in Any Type of Work
  22. How to Build Personal Magnetism
  23. How You Can Be a Great Leader
  24. And so many more...


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