[FREE] TikTok Followers Growth 2020: Beginner's Guide to Success!

*Course is updated periodically to new information and trends*
Social media is the future and there's no reason why you can't make a career out of it by taking advantage of the opportunities it offers.             TikTok is a great place to start because although it's relatively new compared to other social media platforms, it is the hottest and easiest place to grow with 800 million active users worldwide and 1.9 billion installations taking the world by storm!
This course comprises:
- Takes you from beginner with no following to expert with your own brand and following
- Step by step guide on how to get started and build your own personal brand on TikTok
- This course walks through basic fundamentals of TikTok algorithms
- It breaks apart lessons into simple sections with easy to understand examples
- Offers a hands-on walk through of the app's interface and features
- Review numerous viral videos and applies course knowledge to explain it's virality and how you can achieve them as well   


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