[100% OFF] Beginner Coding Projects in : Python | JavaScript | Java

Learning a new skill can be both fun and rewarding.
Python is programming language that can be used to build various types of
applications . Examples include desktop, web ,games. Python can also be
used in  data science and machine learning.

Java is a programming language that developers use to create applications .
The type of applications created with Java includes:Banking,Retail,Android apps,Stock market etc.

JavaScript is a scripting or programming language that is used in most web applications.
It can also be used on desktops and servers.

Creating various types of projects with different programming languages is a good way to build up your skills.

Topic include:
  • Install Python
  • Create project directory
  • Create and activate a virtual environment
  • Create a python project
  • Create a JavaScript Project
  • Set up Java development environment
  • Create a Java Project


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