[100% OFF] German Beginners Course

Have you always wanted to learn German but always thought it was to difficult? Then this course is for you.
This course is your ticket to enjoying street culture in Berlin, skiing in the Bavarian and Austrian Alps, enjoying the beauty of the Black Forrest and the Rhine Rive Valley and many other great experiences.

You will learn basic vocabulary and phrases that will help you to communicate with the locals. There will also be some real-life conversation examples after each section, where you will learn, how to apply the new words and phrases.

What this course is:
  • a great introductory course to learning German
  • conversation based
  • interactive with many quizzes and tasks
  • tought by a native speaker

What this course is NOT:
  • a detailed grammar course
  • a course that brings you to an intermediate or expert level
  • a course about formal conversation
  • a universal reference course about every topic of life
Are you ready to take your German to the next level?
Let's go!


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