[100% OFF] Level up! Transitioning from After Effects and Learning Nuke

There's a reason Nuke is the industry standard for visual effects compositing.

This free course is a short training on moving over from After Effects and leveling up to a more powerful and capable software, Nuke.

Nuke is capable of more complex compositing through a visual node-based compositing system.

Why take this course:-If you're serious about getting good at compositing, you need to be learning Nuke
-The instructor is a digital compositor who has worked on numerous Hollywood blockbuster films, at the highest level.

You will learn in this After Effects to Nuke Training:-The difference between node based, and layer based compositing
-The basics of the Nuke interface
-Editing properties, learning about different node types and effects
-Learning basic color correction
-Learn about the timeline, and how to set keyframes and create basic animations
-The difference between after effects "precomp" system, and Nuke's viewer system
-How to render out of Nuke

There is a small project file associated with this class to follow along with, with a sign up and free download if you want to follow along.


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