[100% OFF] Mobile Rapid Prototyping: Build a demo in 1 hour

If you're in the design industry, changing career path or you're an entrepreneur... Anybody who needs to create prototypes for mobile and web, to show your clients, co-workers or investors how the real world-app will look and feel like, this course is definitely your best choice!
You'll learn how to design your prototypes in collaboration with teammates in a very user-friendly platform, which will lead to a more efficient way to work and get things done!
You'll learn how to design from scratch a mockup and prototype, which will later become the foundation of more projects and practice so you can become proficient designing in no-time! 
In this course we focus on learning from the basics of prototype design, why it's so important, what things you need to take into consideration before even drawing, a bit of theory and a practical hands-on project so you can design whatever you want and use your phone and PC to make it work in minutes!


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