[FREE] Basic to Advanced RestAPI Automation testing step by step

Learn RestAPI Automation testing using katalon studio,
What I will learn?
  1. How to create object Repositories
  2. How to create test cases and test suites for automation testing
  3. How to generate reports
  4. How to integrate with GIT
  5. Jenkins Integration
API testing (or Web service testing in the context of a Web application) has become more important in software testing. The interest in API testing has been increasing over the last five years, according to Google Trends. This trend possibly indicates that the demand for applying API testing has become more prevalent. Testing API or web services is no longer performed solely by the original developer. This activity is now a common practice among outsourcing teams who independently verify and validate their products.
This tutorial will demonstrate how to use Katalon Studio to create your first API/Web service test from scratch with good practices.


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