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God Loves You Even When You Don't Love Him | How to refocus on God in times of uncertainty and crisis
In this course Dr. David Jeremiah shares his heart and explores how God loves us even when we do not love Him. As Charles Dickens said, this is the greatest short story every written! In 22 short verses, we can see ourselves and the ins and outs of our life with God pretty clearly through the characters in particular. While this story is usually referred to as The Parable of the Prodigal Son, I want to suggest that it’s the FATHER who is the main character—not the sons! The FATHER is mentioned at least 12 times in the span of these 22 verses. While entire books have been written on the two sons, the FATHER—the central figure in this story—is often overlooked!
  • It’s the father who loves his prodigal son even when his son does not love him
  • It is the father who shows the deepest emotion as he waits by that lonely road, awaiting his son’s return
  • It’s the father who initiates the process of forgiveness
  • It’s the father who leaps to his feet and runs to greet a starving, road-weary son who’s done nothing but insult him
  • And it’s the father who never stops loving his older son, pleading with him to experience the joy of his brother’s restored life
This parable is about a human father and his sons, but it tells an even greater story about our Heavenly Father’s love for all lost sons & daughters wherever they may be found… Let me give you some background; then, we’ll get into the story for today:
The word prodigal only appears once in certain versions of the Bible. We’re told the younger son ‘wasted his possessions with prodigal living’ (Luke 15:13, NKJV). From this, we may come to think prodigal means rebellion or rebellious living. But, the word doesn’t mean ‘rebellious’ or ‘wayward’ at all. It actually means ‘recklessly spendthrift’—to spend until you have nothing left.
Surprisingly, that word can also be used to describe the FATHER in this story. He not only gives his departing son everything he asked for, but showers him with gifts when he returns! And to the older son he says (Luke 15:31), “…all that I have is yours.” The father’s treatment of his two sons is seriously ‘reckless.’ He holds back nothing, but pours out everything he has on his two sons. The difference between the father and the son who left, of course, is this: The son’s being prodigal … iswayward and self-centered. The father’s being prodigal … is loving and selfless—quite different indeed
So, what does this story tell us, among other things? GOD LOVES EVERYONE. This story follows the stories of a lost sheep  and a lost coin. In all we can see that GOD LOVES EVERYONE—even those who don’t love Him and so should we!
Section 1 – God Loves You Even When You Don't Love Him - The Parable of the Prodigal Son and Father”
  1. God Loves You when You’re Wounding His Heart
  2. God Loves You when You’re Walking away from Him
  3. God Loves You when You’re Wasting Your Life
  4. God Loves You when You’re Wallowing in Sin
  5. God Loves You when You’re Working to Come Back
  6. God Loves You when You’re Wrapped in His Arms of Forgiveness
  7. God Loves You when You’re Welcomed Back Home
  8. God Loves You when You Won’t Love Him
    A Portrait of God’s Love - The Parable of the Prodigal Son Dramatized
Section 2 – Bonus Lecture, Downloadable Materials, and Study Guides
Bonus Lecture | Dr. David Jeremiah | Southern California Seminary and Course Conclusion
  • God Loves You | Three Most Important Words by Dr. David Jeremiah
  • God Loves You | Three Most Powerful Words by Dr. David Jeremiah
  • God Loves You | Three Most Generous Words by Dr. David Jeremiah
  • How to Study the Bible by Dr. David Jeremiah
  • How to Use the Study Guide when Leading Small Groups
  • Study Guide with Personal and Group Questions - God Loves You even when You Don't Love Him
Dr. David Jeremiah, Chancellor of Southern California Seminary
Dr. David Jeremiah is among the most well-known Bible teachers in the world. He serves as senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church. His popular radio and television Bible-teaching program, Turning Point, is broadcast internationally on more than 2,200 stations. A New York Times best-selling author and Gold Medallion winner, he has written more than 50 books, including God Loves You--He Always Has, He Always Will.


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