[FREE] Multifamily Real Estate Investing From A-Z

In this course, you will learn the basics of investing in multifamily real estate! 

Are you interested in learning how to build generational wealth through real estate? Want to learn how you can earn passive income? Are you looking to become a syndicator and take down your own deals?

Whatever your investment goals, this free course will help you understand the many facets of multifamily real estate investing that will allow you to make better investment decisions based on your goals and objectives! 

Some topics we will cover in this course will include:
- Multifamily syndications. What is a syndicator's role? How can you buy an apartment complex?
- What is an asset manager?
- What is a passive investor? How to earn passive income through multifamily real estate?
- How you can invest in multifamily real estate through your self directed IRA.
- Why invest in apartments over single-family homes?
- What are the types of asset classes you can invest in within multifamily real estate?
- What is a preferred return? The safety preferred return provides to passive real estate investors! 
- The tax advantages to real estate investing. Cost segregation and 1031 exchanges.
- How to choose the right market for your real estate investment.
- How to utilize opportunity zones.
- What is a value add apartment? Multifamily value-add investment strategies.
- Learn the top 5 real estate investing metrics!


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