[FREE] Thriving with Pain and Beyond

Thriving with Pain and Beyond!
Take your life back from chronic pain and fatigue! Your pain and your healing process is unique, this course shows you how a wholistic, proactive approach to pain management gives you the ability to go from living in the Ow of pain to living with WOW! You will add to your quality of life, reduce, heal, and manage physical and mental pain.
Persistent pain is one of the most widespread and potentially disabling health conditions of our age.
This course is ideal for you if . . .
You live with chronic pain
You are overwhelmed by what you are "supposed" to do
You are frustrated by trying to find the "right" treatment and practitioners to help you
Chronic pain is draining your quality of life
You are a healthcare provider who works with people with chronic pain
This course includes-
1) Introduction
2) Overview of 5 steps from Ow to Wow!
3) Step One: Become an Expert on You!
4) Step Two: Explore Treatment Options
5) Step Three: Support
6) Step Four: Purpose, service, passion and creativity
7) Step Five: Acceptance
In this course, you will explore at an overview level “The 5 steps from Ow to Wow” so that you can reclaim your quality of life. This approach is designed for individuals who live with chronic pain and those who support them; either as loved ones or healthcare practitioners. Thriving with Pain LLC takes an all the above approach to pain management and treatment.
Explore through short presentations each of the 5 steps and get a taste of what a wholistic approach can do for you.
NOTE: This course does not constitute treatment for pain or any other concern. It is designed for informational purposes. Anyone with a history of chronic pain, if you have not already consulted a healthcare professional, should consult a healthcare professional for the assessment and treatment of your condition(s).
As well, this course does not focus on specific treatment or advice for chronic pain- these are topics to be examined in other courses. Our emphasis is on an overview of a whole systems approach to chronic pain and quality of life!


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