[FREE] Your Ultimate Guide from Student to Employee

After 18 years of working in HR, I decided to start doing online courses.
One of the biggest gaps we have in terms of education is that we do not accurately prepare graduating senors for how to do things like write resumes, job search, interview, pay and wages, taxes, benefits and career development.
So I've synthesized all of my knowledge into this course to provide seniors and college students the real information they need in order to succeed within "Corporate America"
Note that this course is targeted to American students and I use specific legislature and recommendations for that. Some of the theoretical or universal practices may still be useful to students in other countries, but just know in advance this has a heavy emphasis within the context of America and state guidance.
This also targets recent college graduates


He is a Christ Believer who has passion in Jesus words and loves writing about Jesus, Word Of Esperience, Living a life in a Godly way and every words related with the bible. He is the Chief Editor of GodlyTutor.

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