[100% OFF] Compact Job Interview Preparation with Checklist

It's time to make job interview preparation less tedious and structured!
Job Interview preparation is one of the most messy tasks out there especially when you are caught with an upcoming interview with little to no time for preparation. The thought of going for an interview puts many people in anxiety and preparation are often done hastily without structured ways or checklist.
In this course, I will be going through with you:
  • the stages of job interviews,
  • the pre-interview preparations,
  • the dress codes,
  • phone calls,
  • mental preparation,
  • commonly asked questions and how to answer them,
  • questions to ask during an interview,
  • online interview preparation,
  • post-interview follow ups
This course is also designed in such a way that every topic covered is inside the checklist I’ve attached, so that you can refer to it and quickly start your preparation for your upcoming interview at the end of this course.
The ideal students for this course is anyone who had already applied for a job, or have an upcoming interview and is looking for a quick and compact recap of interview preparation steps.
Once you go through the course, the checklist will serve as a guidance to every job interview without having the need to review this course again. It's super time-saving!
Lifetime access to the course. I will be updating the course overtime with more content, and updating the checklist if necessary. You can also contact me for advice when you need to!


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